Fi Car Audio was started to meet the needs of the new breed of custom car audio enthusiast. Each of our subs are hand built per order, with every motor machined in house to optimize your coil choice. Our use of CNC machines allows for a wide array of options to custom tailor your sub to your needs. With years of experience in car audio and OEM loudspeaker production, we know what does and doesn’t work.

Our in-house facilities are continually growing, as such we currently have the following tools;

(3) 4 Axis CNC
(2) Hydraulic Tracer Lathes
(3) Manual Lathes
(2) Manual Mill
(6) Drill Press
(2) Hydraulic Shear
(2) Metal Brake
(2) Plotter
(1) CO2 Laser
(1) Plasma Cutter
(3) Mig Welder
(2) Tig Welder
(1) Hydraulic Tube Bender
(1) Manual Tube Bender
(1) Powered Tube Roller
(1) Punch Tracer
(2) Magnetisers

Standard solutions to complex situations are a major compromise at best. Our unique products allow the user to customize their subwoofers to their exact needs, resulting in detail, clarity, power, and bottom octave performance never before heard in car audio. Be it the minute details and subtle nuances in an upright bass solo, or your favorite chopped and screwed mix at 160 dB, subwoofers from Fi Car Audio can achieve your sonic goals.